Tanya for cake-mag Vol. 15
Shot by Benjamin Askinas

For CyberMax:
1:  Your Mega-Corp has lost a private war in the last fiscal quarter
2:  You are no longer terrified of the Corp’s employee monitoring program
3:  Your employer has been humiliated in a popular EZine
4:  You are sure your company did not put out this list just to see if you would read it.
5:  You are not being given access to the latest version nanobots to protect your health.
6:  Profit at your Mega-Corp is less than 3000%
7:  Your company gym does not have the GruntMaster 6000
8:  Serif retinal replacements are not covered by your Insurance
9:  Neural Jacks not provided in decorative tin
10:  Corporate Logo not holographic or visible from Mars
11:  Suits issued are not safe from all known small arms
12:  AI copies of deceased relatives not available
13:  Corporate limousines have less than 12 wheels
14:  VR Vacation packages still include “Florida”
15:  No Off World presence

cbb planner 2014 grid